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Who Am I?

Building rock-solid software fueled by algorithms: I'm a passionate Ph.D. holder in Software Engineering, obsessed with improving reliability through powerful algorithms and crafting robust systems. My deep academic dive, from Bachelor's to Ph.D., has not only honed my expertise in real-time and safety-critical systems but also equipped me with a command of theoretical computer science and software systems. This comprehensive knowledge base translates into real-world impact – I have hands-on experience in coding and algorithm analysis, wielding my mastery of object-oriented programming (C++ and C#.NET) with precision.
Combining academic rigor with practical prowess, I'm not just a developer – I'm a teacher at heart. Years of experience have given me the unique ability to demystify complex concepts and ignite a passion for coding in others. This well-rounded skillset makes me an ideal candidate for any software development role, ready to excel, collaborate, and deliver impactful solutions.

Web Develop


Algorithm Design/Analysis

What I do?

Here are some of my expertise

Innovative Ideas

Analys and improve current processes in the system to reach more efficiency

Web Development

ASP.net website development according to customer’s need

App Software & DB

- C++ and C#
- SQL, HTML5, JavaScript, and CSS3

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